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In August 2021 the Taliban invaded Kabul, bringing their singular interpretation of Islam to Afghanistan. Their beliefs manifest as a political agenda. Women, ethnic and religious minorities were immediately excluded from all positions of power and influence. I read terrible stories from young women whose lives were suddenly darkened and all hope of a future wrenched from them.

‘As a woman, I feel like I am the victim of this political war that men started. I can no longer laugh out loud, I can no longer listen to my favourite songs, I can no longer meet my friends in our favourite cafe, I can no longer wear my favourite yellow dress or pink lipstick. And I can no longer go to my job or finish the university degree that I worked for years to achieve. Why should we hide the things that we should be proud of? In Afghanistan now we are not allowed to be known as the people we are. ’
Kabul Resident

This work was made in response to the dispossessed women of Afghanistan.

Religion, belief and spirituality can oppress – or provide solace and direction, if our choices are free, unhindered by tyranny and fear.